a human approach
to addiction.

VitaHeal’s sensitive and understanding staff members work with individuals who are grappling with an addiction to morphine, heroin, or prescription painkillers by continually monitoring the medications that are being taken, as well as how and when they are being taken.
The medications that we utilize in our medication assisted treatment program here at VitaHeal include: Subutex, Suboxone and Methadone. The specific prescribed medication will be based on each patient’s individual needs and current health status.

let us help you

your life

We are here to educate and support you through compassion while providing you with the means necessary to recover. Our entire team at VitaHeal is absolutely dedicated to helping our patients heal. The stigma of addiction has been ignored for too long and we believe it’s time to stomp it out. VitaHeal’s mission is to transition our patients out of the victimization of their addictions to survivors of their disease.
The Process works because we get to know our patients. Our specialized assessment process grounds us in the needs and nature of the patient. VitaHeal’s highly trained staff then informs patients about the treatment program, its goals, and its guidelines. VitaHeal does medical evaluations to review health history, current health, present medication requirements, and overall condition in regard to being given methadone.

What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

Addiction is not a battle that is fought alone. When this difficult disease is overcoming your loved-one, you feel the horrible impact alongside them. We know how frustrating and challenging it is to help someone who isn’t fully prepared to help themselves. If you’re feeling helpless, know that you’re not alone. Let VitaHeal help you, help them.